WWII Battle of the Bulge Commemoration Event at Fort Indiantown Gap

71st Anniversary Commemoration Battle
27 Jan – 31 Jan 2016

The World War II Historical Association, http://www.wwiiha.org invites all Veterans to the Battle of the Bulge Reenactment this coming January. We will be honoring all WW II Veterans during the week. Veterans may arrive after 1500 hours on Wednesday, 27 Jan 2016. As usual, the Veterans will have a hospitality suite set up in their barracks as well as memorabilia & WWII videos. Veterans should bring a pillow, sheets and a blanket (or a sleeping bag) for their bunk as well as wash cloth and towel and shower clogs. The cost of the event is Free to Veterans, which includes 4 nights bunk in the barracks, the Friday Reception and the Dinner and a Period Entertainment USO-type show on Saturday night.

Enjoy a week of camaraderie, relaxation, WWII videos, stories and hospitality and a chance to relive your basic training days in newly updated original WWII Barracks. Enjoy the transformation of the barracks area by the re-enactors to WWII period and enjoy the many restored WWII vehicles. Observe re-enactor’s formations in period uniforms and equipment. Meet re-enactors who are interested in learning from WWII veterans about the period as well as the respect that they hold for you. The reenactors cover a broad spectrum of our society and even includes British, French, Canadian and German citizens. The reenactor community includes business leaders, professionals (such as doctors and engineers); current, former and retired military.

Thurs, 28 Jan, we will be transported by bus to Williams Valley Jr. High School at 0800 hours for a Vet Program,.. Breakfast will be provided on the bus,. The Flea Market will open at 0800 hours and will remain open to 2200 hours.

Fri, 29 Jan, the WWII Historical Assn will salute the Veterans with a Pass in Review at 1500 hours. At 1630 hours there will be a Wreath Laying at the VBOB Monument by the Community Club followed by a free reception there also for WWII Veterans at 1700 hours.

Sat, 30 Jan at 1030 hours buses will load for a Veteran Tour of the Battlefield, departing at 1100 and returning by 1200 hours. At 1700 buses will begin shuttling from the barracks area to the Community Club, for the Dinner which starts at 1800 hours. At 2000 hours period entertainment & talent shows will begin and followed by dancing to the 40’s big band music. Buses will return from the Community Club until 0100 hours 31 Jan.

Vets must register by the deadline which is extended to 20 Dec 2015

Contact John D. Bowen for Registration forms at 301-384-6533, e-mail johndbowen@earthlink.net or go to http://www.wwiiha.org/index.php/events/battle-bulge-fig/ for on-line registration or optional mail in registration forms.