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Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge give short video memoirs of their war experience.

Wayne A. Brown, Battle of the Bulge

VBOB Video, Wayne A. Brown

While serving with the 4th InfD, 12th Rgt, 2nd BN, Co F, Wayne Brown had many close calls. Wounded several times, including once with shrapnel, Wayne like many wondered why he survived when others did not, until a fellow Bulge Veteran suggested another path.

tom chambers Battle of the Bulge

VBOB Video, Thomas R. Chambers

A night time reconnaissance patrol in the extreme freezing conditions of the Ardennes leads Tom Chambers to a sudden sense of euphoria. He later discovers it was the onset of hypothermia. Tom served with the 9th AmdD Trains Headquarters Co, RECON Platoon

VBOB Dan Santagata

VBOB Video, Dominick “Dan” Santagata

VBOB member Dan Santagata volunteered for the U.S. Army while a senior in High School. He describes his encounters with Gen. George Patton, a battle in Metz, and onto Remagen where Dan discusses the loss of a very good friend and comrade in arms. Dan served with the 5th InfD Engr Cmbt Bn.

VBOB Video, Daniel Diehl

VBOB Video, Daniel Diehl

A radar specialist in the Eighth Army Air Force, Dan Diehl describes his time delivering troops by air to key operations at the Nijmegen & Remagen bridges during the Battle of the Bulge. Dan also describes how he later brought back a souvenir from Hitler’s aerie in Berchtesgaden. Dan served with 8 AF, 44 Air Depot Gp, Hqs, Co


VBOB Video, Dean Van Landingham

VBOB member Dean Van Landingham relives his service to Arlon, Belgium, where his division encountered a heavy 168% casualty rate. He talks about the difficulty most veterans have in discussing specifics of what they witnessed or endured. Dean served with the 26th InfD, 328th Inf, 3rd Bn, Co I.


VBOB Video, Vince Bellanca

VBOB member Vince Bellanca tells of the terrible losses with the 114th and 71st InfD. Though his 44th held, Vince recounts the present day effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He gives a powerful appeal for others to seek available help. Vince served with the 44th InfD Artillery, 157 FA Btn, Co HQ.


VBOB Video, Jessie Bowman

A sergeant in the Battle of the Bulge, Jessie Bowman describes the pitch battle and German surrenders  in the Ardennes, a recent reunion celebration in Plön, Germany, and traces his 30 year career as a barber to a set of barber tools given to him by a fellow infantryman in the field. Jessie served in the 87th InfD, 345th Inf, Co D


VBOB Video, Orville Miller

Maj. Orville Miller (ret.) describes a 110 mile overnight trek with General George Patton’s 3rd Army. The journey took Orville past the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, eventually joining the Battle of the Bulge. Orville served with the 513 Engr Cmbt Bn, attached to 4th ArmD.