BOBA Newsletter


The Battle of the Bulge Association publishes a quarterly newsletter named The Bulge Bugle, which is distributed to all its members.

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The Bulge Bugle contains such topics as:

  • Stories written by veterans who fought in that epic battle
  • Other articles related to WWII written by members
  • Scheduled reunions of the units that fought in the battle
  • Coverage of our annual reunions
  • Photos of our veterans
  • Activities of our chapters
  • Names of all our chapters, including the respective presidents and their addresses
  • List of items available for sale through our Quartermaster
  • Application form for membership in BOBA
  • Letters to the editor

Some facts about The Bulge Bugle:

  • Since 1982, there have been over 100 issues published. Click here to access newsletter archives
  • Veterans have submitted over 800 stories based on personal experience about the epic battle
  • There are stories about 200 different units that served in the battle