VBOB certificate

Over 7,000 certificates have been purchased for Battle of the Bulge veterans. If you haven’t received yours, then you might want to consider ordering one to give to your grandchildren. They are generally most appreciative of your service now and they make excellent gifts—also for that buddy with whom you served in the Bulge. The Battle of the Bulge Association, Inc. is proud to offer this full color 11” by 17” certificate, which may be ordered for any veteran who received credit for the Ardennes campaign. It attests that the veteran participated, endured and survived the largest land battle ever fought by the US Army.

NOTE: While we recently changed our name to the “Battle of the Bulge Association, Inc.”, the certificate still reads  “Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge.” In this context, the wording is still fitting.

You do not have to be a member of BOBA to order one, but the veteran must have received the Ardennes credit. This beautiful certificate is produced on parchment-like stock and is outlined by the full color World War II insignias of the major units that fought in the Battle of the Bulge, starting with the 12th Army group, then followed numerically with Armies, Corps and Divisions and the two Army Air Forces. We wished that each unit insignia could have been shown, but with approximately 2000 units that participated in the Bulge, it was impossible. However, any unit that served in the Bulge would have been attached to or reported through one of the unit insignia depicted. You may want to add one of the veteran’s original patches to the certificate when you receive it. Please allow approximately 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. The certificate will be shipped rolled in a protective mailing tube. Please be sure that you write the name, service number and unit as you would like it to appear on the certificate. The unit name should be as complete as possible because you want someone reading it to understand what unit the veteran was in. We will abbreviate it as necessary. It is important that you type or print this information and the unit must be one of the 2,000 units authorized for the Ardennes Campaign credit that is in the Official General Order No. 114 for units entitled to the Ardennes Battle Credit and will be the basis for sale of the certificate. The cost of the certificate is $15 postpaid. 

SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME OFFER FOR OUR VETERANS! Buy 1, Get 2nd copy of same certificate free! You will get 2 certificates for $15. (Ships to 1 mailing address only.) Please order the quantity you are paying for, not including the free one. So for example, order 1 certificate for $15, and we will automatically add the 2nd free one. (If you order 2 quantity, you will be charged $30 and will get 4 certificates.)

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